Wednesday, 4 November 2015


Today I will show you the bedroom.

Bedroom is unfortunately small and it’s hard for any excitement like for example positioning furniture.

Bedroom has just recently undergone through a little metamorphosis. I hope that now it looks less boring…

That’s how it looked before:

That’s how it is now:

In the evening, when frames where yet to have pictures.

I was wavering for a long time between leaving it as it was or adding pictures….

Do you think it’s better with the pictures?

Pen stand, telephone with music box and flower pot (originally purple) are some of this year’s car booty. ;)

I suppose the whole change is only to do with new bed throw (bought in Asda) and picture frames. The rest just swapped places (wings flew away to the lounge some time ago) . I’ve repainted some of the items to grey: flower pot, frames, bird (in the frame above cot), parts of jewellery box.

I’ve bought a mirror three weeks ago on car boot sale (for 75 pennies!) – it was in pitiful condition, but I have treated it with a glossy black spray paint and now it looks pretty good to me.

Oh yeah… there is also new wallpaper on the side of the wardrobe, just behind the cot.

First there was moon over the cot and stars changed their position...

…then came the frame in which I’ve placed the bird plus letter “R”.

It turned out like this:

I’ve unsewn the purple ribbon from top of the toy “basket”…

I’m planning some more changes soon – I’m thinking mainly of the chair, which looks that bad, that it has to have some sort of cover on like all the time ;). I think I’ll chuck it away if I’ll find some sort of bedside cabinet or little table which I can place next to bed, or I will finally repaint that thing….
Old chest – ottoman also needs renovating. I’ve bought it on eBay nearly three years ago and have never painted it properly as I run out of paint at that time.

What do you think about my bedroom? Any suggestions? What would you change? :)

Saturday, 24 October 2015

Lounge nowadays

It’s time for lounge. We have been living in here for nearly two years, though all that time lounge was under constant change. It probably does not look much like the lounge from previous post.

I know – TV stand looks bad. It was once back a colourful chest intended for toys, which after repainting served us well as a storage for cleaning products in the bathroom. It has now been our improvised TV stand for about a year and a half – since we bought our first (ever) TV. It was supposed to teach me English, but there was never time to watch anything ;). I’ve only started to turn it on once our little one became curious of songs (not yet children shows). So my English did not evolve much. I know, I know... I shouldn’t be making excuses… 

Comparing to previous photos – the only thing that endured from “old” furniture were armchair (I’m afraid I have still not sewn a cover for it and it still does not match anything) and sofa with the same white cover, which was suppose to stay only for the time being, as it was sewn from a very old throw and currently is barely hanging on – poor old thing. And here is a question for you: do you think that white cover looks good, or do you think that maybe grey would be better for the present decor? Or maybe you have a vision of another colour?

When spring comes I would like to change all the accessories for turquoise with a bit of navy-blue here and there. In the meantime I’m collecting those etceteras. I’ve got three so far... one pillow cover, two little vases and navy-blue bottle with a cork. So not much really. That is all I’ve managed to fish from this year’s car boot sales. For winter time, when car boots stop, I’ve still got eBay to find something interesting and cheap.

Table is different, as previous one has lost (I admit, I’ve helped unintentionally) nearly all it’s bolts and pins during moving and handling. Both parts of table top where connected with these, so you can imagine a scene of someone carelessly resting their elbows and losing their teeth. I did not want to risk it, especially that not so long ago I was still wearing my braces. So I bought another table on eBay – for less than £20 :). Wooden table. Top was coated with varnish, rest with the cream coloured paint. As you can see the colours undergone a transition. And here I would like to put an emphasis on brand Tikkurila being second to none. I have painted many thing with many different paints, but this one is definitely my number one.

Chairs (unfortunately) are still the same as before, I have only upholstered it with cushion’s fabric...

I got rid of my old furniture, also on eBay. Now that I have a little child, they’ve became impractical. I have bought a large capacious sideboard. Searches took about two months. Sod’s law no one around wasn’t selling a white sideboard, which would have suitable price and appeared satisfactory to me. But in the end I’ve found one. Why in this particular style? Because it was a time when my husband’s desk was still in the lounge, and I was trying to match it’s style. I didn’t do anything to the sideboard. It stayed exactly as I bought it. This time it did without painting, though the top might need a bit of renovating as it’s slightly damaged in one place.

On the sideboard there is a haiku inside the frame. 

When my child started to grow, toys suddenly became to strangely multiply, that’s when wardrobe from Gumtree has landed in our lounge. Average condition. Cream in pink horses with an impossible to remove plastic hook on one side. 
Why wardrobe for toys in the lounge? Our 15 month old son hasn’t got his own room. His cot stands in our bedroom and his play area is in this very lounge.

Has anyone noticed a change in the look of lamps? I have bought these lampshades on the car boot sale. All for a quid :). I will leave the colour as it is, for the time being. The only other gold element of decor beside lamps is the mirror, which I’ve found in a skip... It’s a long story. I don’t want to bore you, or rather baffle you with it.

Frame so far stayed golden. At least something that matches these miserable lamps. It needs restoration, but that can wait till spring... 

I’m awaiting your comments. I am interested in any observation or suggestion :).